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‘The City’ Boss Kelly Cutrone – The Stars’ Clothing Line

Posted by Sarah on July 8th, 2012


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Fall Fashion 2011: Shop ADAM one day sale now!

Posted by Sarah on October 17th, 2011

The ADAM woman is elegant sophisticated, effortlessly chic and definitely fashion forward. Your chance (if you haven’t already) to be introduced to the designer collections of Adam Lippes because today only, October 17,  get a fabulous discount of 30% during this special sale event. Go to shopadam.com then enter the coupon code below. Scroll down and click “Read More”  link for promo code and details.

Adam Lippes Fall 2011

Also, see what inspires Adam Lippes  in this brief video:

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’]/wp-content/uploads/shopadam.com_.Behind-The-Scenes1.flv[/pro-player]

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IQONS – a pop fashion social network

Posted by Sarah on October 16th, 2009

IQONS is a social network devoted to all aspects of fashion.  Not only for professionals but a great place for those who love fashion to discover unknown talent.  Come and visit and maybe stay a while!

From the site:

IQONS is a social networking community that aims to set fashion and creativity free of geographic and social limits and create a free platform where people connect, show their work and start alternative networks across the world to invigorate fashion globally.

IQONS is the world’s first truly interconnected ‘fashion ecology’ comprised of designers, retailers, models, PRs, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, financiers, show producers, magazines, bloggers, manufacturers, head-hunters, consumers, aficionados… basically anybody with an interest in fashion. IQONS is a social networking site for the fashion community. For professionals, stars, students and everyone interested in fashion designers, stylists, fashion photographers and models.


by Renato Filho

by Renato Filho

There is a magazine and you’ll find high caliber creative people like photographer  Renato Filho, (an example of his photography is included in this post. Find more of his work at  renatofilho.com.br).

Keep reading  for more…  a film from another IQONS member.

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Perez Hilton Does Fashion … Again!

Posted by Sarah on October 8th, 2009

Perez Hilton,Lady GagaKristin Cavalleri and PerezGird your loins! … ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

Celebrity fashion blogging is the next arena of pop culture to be tackled by ubiquitous pop culture vulture, Perez Hilton. Known for attracting controversy as well as hits on his blog PerezHilton.com, Perez Hilton aka Mario LaVadeira, launched CoCoPerez.com in August to expand his “new media” empire.

While some in the blogosphere, such as thebudgetfashionista.com, bagsnobs.com and the original creators of coutorture.com have achieved a measure of cyberspace success by more palatable means, Perez has used the technique of “blog as lighting rod” in order to stir the pot and spring-board his online presence to mainstream media. His ventures include a record label with Warner Bros.( Perezcious Music) , a radio gossip show (Radio Perez), a short-lived VH-1 TV program (Perez Sez) and a clothing line for Hot Topic.  Perez’s efforts have certainly had successes and failures.  TV, radio, music and now back to the web. The question is, does lighting strike twice?  Can Perez emulate his own success in the blogosphere with quips, quotes and by skewering questionable taste?

left: Perez with Lady Gaga and with Kristen Cavallari at launch party for CoCoPerez.com held at Juliet on September 15, 2009 in New York City – other  attendees spotted: Jill, Ramona, and Kelly from Real Housewives of NYC MTV’s Damien Fahey, Chrisette Michelle, Christian Siriano, Rosci from 106 and Park.

picture: nymag.com, thehillsgossiponline.blogspot.com

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Vogue and CFDA Present: Fashion’s Night Out Sept. 10 2009

Posted by Sarah on September 9th, 2009

A boost for the global economy as well as a fashionista’s spirit, the Council of Fashion and Design and international publication Vogue have organized the shopping event “Fashion’s Night Out”. The event takes place in 13 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Russia, France, Brazil, India, Spain, China, Germany, Taiwan and Japan. For more information, go to fashionsnightout.com and click on the country’s link for details about participating retailers and events.
Participating locations in the U.S in addition to New York, include Los Angeles , Hawaii and Chicago. According to examiner.com, there will be trunk shows, giveaways, special previews and the sale of limited collections as well as charitable efforts incorporated into the event. No tickets are required and the functions are open to all. If you are in NY or any of the cities holding a Fashion’s Night Out, this sounds well worth dropping by.

In their own words after the jump…
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Taylor Swift’s London Photo Shoot, Video, Pictures

Posted by Sarah on September 8th, 2009

Taylor Swift poses in a variety of looks for a photo shoot in Noting Hill district London on August 24. Yes, this post is delayed but I obtained video of the photography session and this looks to be a nice fashion shoot.

Video and tons of pictures after the jump.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’353′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.celebrity-fashion.net/wp-content/uploads/Taylor-Swift-video-photoshoot.jpg’]http://www.celebrity-fashion.net/wp-content/uploads/90825V1_SWIFT_B_GR.flv[/pro-player]

Click through for more pictures 70+ photos inside!

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Michael Jackson Clothing Line Previewed by Audigier

Posted by Sarah on August 18th, 2009

Previously, I wrote of Christian Audigier’s collaboration with Michael Jackson for the release of his  clothing line prior to the pop stars death. Audigier is pressing forward for the eventual launch of the clothing label. The Ed Hardy designer recently appeared  on the Today show giving a sneak peak at items from the fashion collection.   michael-jackson-christian-audigier-clothingThe clothing and accesssories in the line include rhinestone socks, a rhinestone glove, belts, T-shirts, jackets, gloves, and  umbrellas.

Audigier related that: “[Michael] said ‘I want to do a line, and I want to have you working on the merchandising.’ “He was very excited.” “What he wanted from me was the T-shirts and the hoodies and the caps.”  He also stated that Michael Jackson was very much involved in the design of the fashion line.  Audigier is now working with Jackson’s estate to complete the project.

Click below for the video and more info after the jump…..

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Michael Jackson Planned Clothing Line

Posted by Sarah on July 11th, 2009

Millions of fans the world over mourned the passing of modern legend, Michael Jackson. A brilliant entertainer, nonetheless, he was plagued by troubles. Many creative people often struggle with pressure from without and conflicts from within. Often that creativity leads to the art, music and literature that we may be fortunate enough to enjoy. A creative endeavor which he did not get to complete was the launch of his own fashion collection with French designer Christian Audigier. In June before  Jackson’s death, the Ed Hardy designer was enthusiastic about the project, telling PEOPLE that “It’s the merging of the King of Pop with the king of fashion. Something explosive is going to happen.”

Michael Jackson, Christian Audigier

Michael Jackson with friend Christian Audigier

A fashion line seemed like a logical step for Jackson to take. Michael Jackson always designed with the costumers for his performances. The pop icon favored Swarovski crystals, a military look and “over the top” designs to enhance his onstage presence.  Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush discussed working with Jackson for costumes for the “This Is It” tour, in this People article.  Bush said,  “Working with Michael for 25 years we had never seen his creativity at this level…”.

Michael Jackson tour costume sketches

Sketches for tour costumes

Audigier, who also designed tour outfits for Jackson, describes the planned fashion collection: “It was based on various types of merchandising on different products, also accessories. What he wanted from me was the T-shirts and the hoodies and the caps. And it was very kind of royalist – kind of a mix of the real Michael Jackson and his alter-ego as the King of Pop.”

This collection may be available in the future. “I’m still hoping to launch the label as a tribute to Michael,” Audigier said at the launch of his  Champagne and wine collection recently. ‘We went through designs quite often. I showed him what I thought would suit him and he would say “Yes, I like that” or “No”.

However, a separate venture is being launched – a 300 piece collection that Michael Jackson had a hand in designing,  in connection with the “This Is It” tour.  Universal Music Group’s merchandise division, Bravado along  with concert promoter AEG Live will offer the collection which is comprised of clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise such as sleep masks, belt buckles, socks and even jigsaw puzzles and children’s games.

More after the jump…

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[CLOSED] Jord Wood Watch as Fashion Statement: Giveaway and Review

Posted by Sarah on April 22nd, 2014


I have received emails before asking that I review their products but I have never accepted  until now.  In fact, I was inspired to move ahead on my plans to restart the development of this website after a long delay.  I was that impressed with the watches just from viewing them on their website and I could not pass up a chance to not only write about it but to offer the Ely Series Maple watch to a reader as a giveaway (Jord ships worldwide so the giveaway is open to all locations, read on for entry instructions).  When the watch I was to review arrived, the Ely Series Maple,  it did not disappoint. Jord watches not only have great aesthetic appeal but are well-made. The flattened discs of the wrist band and the delicate watch face make a bold but nuanced fashion statement.

Jord Ely Series Watch in Maple

Jord Ely Series Watch in Maple

According to their website, WoodWatches.com, Jord is Swedish for earth, soil, land.  So this is a great article to be posted on Earth Day!   The watches are made from “natural materials to offer a unique fashion flare ... are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world.” …combine various grains and their natural colors to create a line of watches that ensures every watch is truly unique

First the rundown on the beautiful watch featured in this giveaway:  (From the Jord website)

The Ely series is our elegant, small-face design. This is that kind of watch that makes you grin for no apparent reason. Light, sexy, and compact design makes this a popular, everyday watch. There are no numbers on this watch other than the date (but we’ll assume you already know how to tell time).

  • Hardened, Scratch-proof glass face: 26mm diameter
  • Frame / bezel: 34mm diameter
  • Band width: 21.5mm
  • Lug ends: 40mm
  • Single action locking clasp (stainless steel)
  • Premium Citizen Miyota movement with date window

Each JORD watch is designed to be splash proof but is not intended for complete submergence in water. Also note that due to the nature of the wood chosen for each unique timepiece, colors and grain pattern may vary from photos.


Jord Watch, wooden watch

The Look


The watches are as much jewelry as time pieces. The picture to the left  shows a model wearing the watch as jewelry.  Paired with wooden and/or metallic bangles and thinner bracelets these watches are perfect for a layered jewelry look. The Ely Series maple watch was the one I chose because it seemed perfect for the Spring/Summer season. Light and airy yet bold, this watch can be paired with anything from denim to a maxi dress – A “focal point for everyday fashion“.

Though the focus of this website is women’s fashion the watches are unisex and come in an array of styles and sizes. The selection of styles can be see on Jord’s site and in the picture below.  The watches are splash proof, though not to be taken with you for a swim, are perfect for walks/wading on the beach. They not only look great but feel good on the wrist. The watch is light in weight and has a smoother feel than other watchband materials such as metal or leather. An easy-on, easy-off clasp make it a “snap” to put on.

The different colors and styles of  both the watch face and band mean any fashionista or (fashanisto) can add to their Jord wood watch collection to coordinate with different outfits in any season.  The watch bands vary from green-hued, tan, brown, reddish-colored and multi-toned  woods  and the watch faces  vary in detail and color for an appealing choice of styles.  Do browse the site, you will be sure to find more than one style you want to add to your accessory wardrobe!

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Resort Wear Inspired Spring/Summer Fashion

Posted by Sarah on April 16th, 2014

When the weather starts warming as it is now, we may dream of some tropical get-a-way. For those of us fortunate enough to get a one or two week vacation it means supplementing our Spring and Summer wardrobe. Or even as was the case  for me this Spring break, where circumstances meant a stay-cation, at least that means more in the budget for Spring/Summer essentials. Yes, even if the only palm you will be lounging near is the potted palm tree palm_tree_islandon the patio, a quick fashion pick-me-up can be well within the budget.

…As long as I am reveling in Mittyesque day dreams of some tropical locale, why not take a fashion inspiration from those who could own  a private tropical island.  Designers of resort wear, (or cruise wear), once upon a time solely catered to the wealthy. This elite group would “winter” in warmer locations or perhaps take a winter cruise on the Mediterranean or Caribbean seas.   This inter-season clothing was designed to be easily portable and lightweight and included warm weather casual looks as well as evening wear.

Resort collections availability in stores  fall sometime around November, between the Autumn/Winter and the Spring/Summer lines availability. Today’s resort clothing lines are marketed at a range of price points.  Resort wear can be found in affordable brands like the Gap as well as pricier options like Dior. The collections usually incorporate at least some  nautical inspirations or warm weather themes such as prints and motifs featuring the flora and fauna of tropical climes.

If you are actually not going on holiday but just dreaming about it, you can still ‘shop ahead’  while waiting out the cool weather.  Looks include more than Hawaiian prints, swimsuits and open-toed shoes but clothing for all occasions and incorporate trends that are forerunners of the Spring/Summer collections. Below are photos of celebrities  and other jet-setters sporting higher-end resort wear pieces.


Aside from the nautical themes and tropical prints, key looks included in the resort 2104 collections include lace, crochet and needle work, cropped tops, denim and wide-legged trousers. Michelle Dockery in Erdem Resort 2014, Lupita Nyong’o in Peter Pilotto Resort 2014, Keira Knightley in Mary Katrantzou Resort 2014, Rihanna in Stella McCartney Resort 2014 modified, wear floral and print looks. Gwyneth Paltrow in Saint Laurent Resort 2014,  Bar Refaeli in Michael Kors Resort 2014, are pretty in lace. Victoria Beckham in Chloe Resort 2014, Selena Gomez in BCBG Max Azria Resort look chic in wide-legged trousers.  A gallery featuring more resort wear celebrity fashion follows.



michelle-dockery-Michelle Dockery in Erdem Resort 2014  Keira_Knightley_Mary_Katrantzou_Resort-2014  Lupita Nyong'o in Peter Pilotto Resort 2014Rihanna in Stella McCartney Resort 2014 modifiedGwyneth Paltrow in Saint Laurent Resort 2014Bar-Refaeli-in-Michael-Kors-Resort-2014Victoria-Beckham-in-Chloe-Resort-2014Selena-Gomez-In-BCBG-Max-Azria-Resort






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Style Tips: Add Sizzle To Your Outfits

Posted by Sarah on April 8th, 2014

PeopleStyleWatch.com give tips that can make an outfit go from ho-hum to dazzle by wearing accessories that add a pop of color or add patterns for interest.  More posts to come in the near future on this topic but continue reading after the jump to watch the video and view style suggestions selected with a nod to Jessica Alba’s mix of plaid and animal prints.

 Jessica Alba plaid animal print

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Cannes Fashion Fantasies

Posted by Sarah on April 2nd, 2014

Milla Jovovich in Prada at Cannes 2013
For all the higher ideas that we hope would be the driving engine of any creative endeavor, practicalities more often than not play a part to one degree or another. Fashion can  be practical or even functional and mundane.  Teri Agin detailed in her most excellent book, The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever, how  business practicality  has lent to  grounding the fashion flight of fancy.  Of course this is only an aspect of a many faceted prism.

Fashion can be an art imbued with the inspiration and rare talent that is part of other art forms. Or fashion can represent fantasy and a bit of escapism. It can be an anodyne diversion that takes us away from the moment. Cannes represents much of the latter and some of the former. As a reboot to this blog and a restart to regular posts, what  could be more fitting than a look at the most recent Cannes Film Festival. The lead photo at top says it all  – a glamorous gown, a sea of photographers and palm trees as a backdrop. In the photo, Milla Jovovich poses on the red carpet at the  ‘Cleopatra’ film premiere at Cannes dressed in a Prada navy and black gown adorned with crystals. (Read more…)

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Noir Jewelry Crystal Stud Earrings

Posted by Sarah on November 15th, 2013

FREE SHIPPING at shopbop.com. Inlaid stripes lend subtle dimension to these mixed-crystal earrings. Post closure. Antiqued rhodium plate. Made in the USA. MEASUREMENTS Length: 1.5in / 3.5cm – Grey/Clear

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Band of Outsiders Lace Skirt

Posted by Sarah on November 15th, 2013

FREE SHIPPING at shopbop.com. A miniskirt cut from intricately patterned lace is detailed with a scalloped hem and a gathered elastic waist. Lined. Fabric: Lace. Shell: 50% cotton/50% nylon. Lining: 100% polyester. Hand wash. Imported, China. MEASUREMENTS Length: 15in / 38cm – Snow White

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House of Harlow 1960 Cadence Dress

Posted by Sarah on November 15th, 2013

FREE SHIPPING at shopbop.com. A House of Harlow 1960 maxi dress has a bohemian feel in a bold, skull-accented pattern. Button keyhole at back. Button-tabs gather the long sleeves. Lined. Fabric: Crepe. 100% polyester. Hand wash. Imported, China. MEASUREMENTS 54in / 137cm, from shoulder – Skull Paisley Print

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Lacey Ryan Healing Bracelet Set

Posted by Sarah on November 15th, 2013

FREE SHIPPING at shopbop.com. A set of 5 stretch bracelets with agate, pyrite, and bone beads. Brass charm detailing. Made in the USA. MEASUREMENTS Diameter: 2.5in / 6.5cm THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA. – Purple Multi

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